Technical Services

We expertly join infrastructure elements to form a single engine that drives efficiency and reduces cost

Your Company + PowerOverNet + Data Center Infrastructure

Innovate your Data Center with the latest technologies and expert support from PowerOverNet to:

  • Reduce Cost
  • Increase efficiency
  • Enable new business functionality
  • Improve security and apply compliance policies

Technical Services Offerings

  • Different tiers of data require different tiers of storage – We don’t fit your business into a solution, we build solutions that fit your business.
  • Tiered storage to accommodate differing values of data.
  • Replication and Disaster Recovery to meet regulatory and business requirements.
  • Data governance as a business process that allows for innovative transitions.
  • We focus on networking solutions that satisfy the increase in applications and data and accommodate the growing demands on the enterprise network.
  • Application networking that is highly available across the entire data center infrastructure.
  • Cloud networking for centralized networking capabilities.
  • Advanced networking tools and monitoring for even the most robust environments.
  • We manage and design data protection systems that employ many different technologies and processes to protect your organization's data.
  • Operational data is backed up to mitigate downtime and data loss.
  • Disaster Recovery is built into the architecture in the rare event that a business loses all data.
  • Data is backed-up for compliance purposes.
  • Virtualization offers solutions to simplify and consolidate your IT infrastructure while maximizing your resources and IT spend.
  • Consolidate excess hardware and increase server utilization.
  • Automate your virtual infrastructure to ensure peak performance.
  • Is your data secured? Do you have the right policies in place? Let us help you through the journey of securing your data.
  • 0Day security assessment program.
  • Compliance and policies implementation.
  • Data governance & encryption.
  • Access audit & MFA.
  • Vulnerability scan & remediation.
  • Ransomware & virus protection.

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